The Kiss - Revisited

2013-ongoing, Cyanotypes, various sizes 15x20 cm – 50x70 cm

Like Barthes said once upon a time, photography is an eternal repetition of the same moment. I would add: at first sight. Like our visual apparatus is influenced by our emotions, so is the revision of a specific moment in the past always coloured differently, clear or blurred, warmer or colder. Our past is not absolute, since memories change, fade and are in general a living organism.The photograph in this series (that is actually a selfie) holds to that – a repetition of reviewing the certain moment, frozen in time. It echoes in the timelessness connected to several moments in the Art's History (Auguste Rodin, Constantin Brancusi, Gustav Klimt).Different aspects of the same thing are emphasised, it slowly dissolves the general ontology of photography, that technically reproduces and explains the world in means of scientific precision (specially what we're used to with digital reproduction). The repetition of the same moment, that organically disintegrates, changes, resets itself; and finally, falling into oblivion.