Gone Clicking & Gone Shopping

2019, Print on linen, hand embroidery, gum bichromate prints, inkjet print, Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg, Sweden

(from the exhibition text)
Tina Umer started the work Gone Clicking when coming across bizarre objects from ads for the e-commerce site Wish. They are gadgets and objects of beauty, mainly made of plastic and with limited time-space use. She printed a selection of screenshots of these objects on linen and later hand embroidered them, making them more abstract and further away from their intended use.

Similar way of transformation is used in the series Gone Shopping, where the artist collected objects related to food, found in second hand shops around Gothenburg. They have marks and signs of use, but were “abandoned”. She photographed and printed these in a slow 19th century process to put her labor into these object’s lives.