Gone Clicking

2018, Photographs, Embroidery

The work is a take on objects of entertainment or beauty, anti-objects; their existence is based on different worlds, exploitation and abundance of commodities, where their functionalities only exist during a small fragment of our space and time. The chaos that occurs when we take things out of context is something easily observed online, where images or quotes pass from one environment to the other almost unnoticed. This is an attempt to do the opposite - take an object from this chaos, give it a different life, and liberate it from circulation and multiplication. As I see the objects destroying their own purposes, I join in and make labour intensive embroideries, taking the printed screenshots even a step further from the original objects. Utilizing the characteristics of pixelation, I attempt to reinterpret the pixel into a new unit through the play of needle and thread; questioning the structures underlying these images. How are these objects of need and desire even seen, when we know our attitude towards the planet needs to be changed here and now? Is not the structure of the online marketing and post-capitalist object the true piece of art here?