Danish Mountains


The camera is a tool for searching, both literally and in the resulting photographic works. There has been many photographers in the history, like Robert Frank, Helen Levitt, Vivian Maier (to just mention a few), who have used and still use the camera to search history, identity and find meaning in their surroundings.
The project Danish Mountains was made during my stay in Copenhagen over the course of nearly two years. It came form an urge, a common photographic practice of looking at the city through a viewfinder, extracting the understanding of a new place, new forms, shapes and cultures through framing.It is almost a do-it-yourself painting of the surrounding, making-through-finding the large forms and piling of material, that would get closer to the sceneries and backdrops I have been used to see in my home Slovenia. Geared with a camera, some film, a bike, I would seek out the adventures, feelings and accomplishments one gets from mountain hiking. The last rays of sunlight only the highest peaks get. The rollercoaster that is the horizon, where our eyes can travel on.
The series was made into a dummy with the same name, printed on stone paper and with each page folded to create a slow performative experience out of viewing the book.